Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System

Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System

An innovative approach to inspirational learning experiences

Outlines a novel approach which has been successfully field-tested for more than a year and has proved extremely popular with children. The system is content-free, so can cross all subject areas.


Imagine you’re in a room, looking at a colourful grid of many different shapes spread out on a wall. There’s something intriguing about it – something almost magical. There are triangles, circles, squares, stars. Each has something on it – a word or diagram. There’s one shape of each colour … placed in a strange formation … what could the underlying pattern be? It's as if each shape is a door or window to another world; the whole display a chocolate box for the mind – a magical carriage to take you on a journey through your imagination.
Get ready to embark on your very own Odyssey journey – a unique journey unlike any you’ve ever gone on before.


'An innovative approach to inspirational learning experiences' ... 'Odyssey Journeys are based on the Odyssey Dynamic Learning System - a flexible, adaptable, scalable content-free educational intervention that can be used in any educational setting, for any age group.' ~ Sarah Brew, www.ParentsInTouch.co.uk

"... an excellent methodology that creates learning environments in conditions of uncertainty" "Playing in the area of not knowing is when we create our deepest learnings, when we come to shared understandings, when we invent a solution through creatively connecting the available data." "The book is accessible and easily digestible and a great option for anyone looking at new ways of presenting complex information and engaging people around it." Full review at ... http://www.darlingarts.co.uk/#!Review-Odyssey-Dynamic-Learning-System/c1gfz/BFBED596-7DAB-40E8-BC22-B7738A0C431F ~ C G Beall, Darling Arts Blog

The book is wonderful. Your grids help the facilitator focus the individual or group’s cognitive journeys on the lessons that emerge from their deep thinking and brain storming when they start to connect randomly chosen topics … it gives this intermediate and personal reflection more serious status than we traditionally do. Your methodology fits the philosophical grounds of cognition perfectly. It is absolutely ground-breaking. Alexander Sogomonov, Academic director, Centre for Sociological and Political Education, Russian Academy of Sciences and Expert at the Moscow School of Civic Education ~ Alexander Sogomonov

Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System by Leon Conrad and David Pinto proposes an unusual and imaginative program of learning when schools are calling for conventionality. It is time that more experimental programs like the Odyssey grids should be supported. ~ Jack Zipes

Leon Conrad
Leon Conrad Leon is an educationalist. In addition to being the publisher for Liberalis, he works as a tutor, trainer and oracy consultant. His backgrou...

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