History Riddles by Leon Conrad

History Riddles

A Treasure Trove Book

Leon Conrad

Secrets of Creation, Volume 1 by Matthew Watkins

Secrets of Creation, Volume 1

The Mystery of the Prime Numbers

Matthew Watkins

Secrets of Creation, Volume 3 by Matthew Watkins

Secrets of Creation, Volume 3

Prime Numbers, Quantum Physics and a Journey to the Centre of Your Mind

Matthew Watkins

Secrets of Creation, Volume 2 by Matthew Watkins

Secrets of Creation, Volume 2

The Enigma of the Spiral Waves

Matthew Watkins

Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System by Leon Conrad, David Pinto

Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System

An innovative approach to inspirational learning experiences

Leon Conrad
David Pinto

Frogs, Cats and Pyramids by Tony Cleaver

Frogs, Cats and Pyramids

Wild Journeys in Search of Knowledge

Tony Cleaver

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Transformations: Stories to Tell in the Classroom These six stories are the perfect companions to the topics, SEAL work and Literacy Units for teachers and children in the primary classroom. They are...

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Want to write a non-fiction book? We see lots of submissions where the author has great ideas, but hasn’t thought much about how to present them, who the readers might be or what they might want ...

Featured author Leon Conrad Oct 28 2016

Leon Conrad is the publisher behind liberal arts, storytelling and education imprint Liberalis. He's also the author of two titles published by the imprint, a storyteller, and a performance poet. I...

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You can connect with JHP non-fiction on twitter to keep up with news and insights (and we tend to follow back). JHP authors on Twitter: Bernardo Kastrup - htt...

Reviews for Secrets of Creation Sep 23 2016

  Secrets of Creation is a 3 volume series that uses an innovative visual approach to communicate some surprisingly advanced mathematical ideas without any need for formulas or equations. Th...

Featured Book - Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System Sep 13 2016

Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System With an innovative approach to inspirational learning experiences, this book outlines a novel approach which has been successfully field-tested for more than a year...

History Riddles - reviews Aug 11 2016

History riddles invites you to pit your wits against this collection of 30 cultural riddles featuring popular historical stories and legends. Here's what the reviewers have been saying about it... ...