History Riddles

A Treasure Trove Book

Leon Conrad

Secrets of Creation, Volume 1

The Mystery of the Prime Numbers

Matthew Watkins

Secrets of Creation, Volume 3

Prime Numbers, Quantum Physics and a Journey to the Centre of Your Mind

Matthew Watkins

Secrets of Creation, Volume 2

The Enigma of the Spiral Waves

Matthew Watkins

Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System

An innovative approach to inspirational learning experiences

Leon Conrad
David Pinto

Frogs, Cats and Pyramids

Wild Journeys in Search of Knowledge

Tony Cleaver

Featured book - Frogs, Cats and Pyramids Mar 22 2016

Published in 2014, Frogs, Cats and Pyramids offers a journey through maths, science, language and literature like you never imagined in school. Here are nine short stories dealing with contempora...

Non fiction imprints, an introduction Mar 7 2016

This is a blog covering a group of non-fiction imprints from John Hunt Publishing.  Liberalis is a Latin word which evokes ideas of freedom, liberality, generosity of spirit, dignity, honour, boo...

Framespotting Jan 26 2016

Behind the Scenes Ever wanted to look behind the scenes at a theatre, a rock concert, or an airport? Of course you have: backstage is a hidden world where exciting things go on, a secret world most...

Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System Sep 29 2015

A content-free approach to a structure to facilitate learning in an educational setting. This is the first book of a series and covers the overview, structure and methodology of the concept. Imagin...

Secrets of Creation by Matthew Watkins Jul 12 2015

Secrets of Creation is a trilogy of books which makes accessible certain deep issues concerning the workings of the number system to an interested, educated, non-mathematical audience.  This serie...

Copyrights, copywrongs Jul 9 2015

A recent thread on the JHP author forum raised a question about a topic which pops up frequently - the topic of copyright. And the questions which come up most frequently are: When can I quote...

1, 2, 3 - tell me a story! Jul 7 2015

Elizabeth Hopkinson is a fantasy author, whose novel, Silver Hands is published by Top Hat Books, the Historical Fiction imprint of John Hunt Publishing. I caught up with Elizabeth recently and found ...